Managing Director Message.

A  very  warm  welcome to our  institution. The great  aim  of education  is not  mere  knowledge but action.  We  at Holy Ganges  Public  School  dedicate  ourselves  to keep  the perennial    flow  of culture and  knowledge  flowing  successfully  and  magnificently. It our  sole  motto to  impart  proper knowledge to our  students  through latest  educational techniques while  maintaining  the essence  of traditional indian culture  and values. We believe in the all round development of the individual, in   creating responsible human beings possessing love and compassion for their fellow beings. To fulfill  this objective  we have  planned  our  curriculum   perfectly  blended  with ancient  and  modern  traditional   and  innovative  techniques. Provision  of carefully  chosen  co curium  activities  along   with  comprehensive  academic  curium presents  an appropriate  plate form  for our young  minds  to be  logical  analytical  critical  creative  innovative  enthusiastic  and communicative  as well. Besides  this  a healthy  and  friendly   atmosphere  of  the  school  is highly  conducive  for  preparing  global  citizens  committed  to  human istic  values  and  principles  it  like  living  enjoying  and  learning  in a family  atmosphere  full  of love  and care.

An excellent and qualified team of teachers is our strength the driving force behind all our endeavors. Our teachers serve the student community with  marvelous positivity  responsible and  devotion. We are also  proud  to acknowledge  the support  and  cooperation of our  parent s  that  we are getting from  them  which  clearly  reflect  a strong  and  compassionate  bonding  between  us. this  healthy  relationship  is essential  for fulfilling  the very  purpose  of our  endeavor  and making  our mission  run  smoothly  on its tracks. I hope  that  you  understanding  very  well  the principles  values which our  institution  stands for  in this  changing  world  of today  we are  constantly  striving  to  hold  fast  the values that matter  for our  young  ones  and human society. I am  sure  your  decision  to join  us will  be fruitful  and a good  one. So now  I would  like to say  that we are fully  equipped  and  ready  to receive  you  with  great  commitment  and pride.

With  Best  Wishes.

Malti Nautiyal

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